Our own sacred space

A few days ago I married the most fascinating person I know. A lot of people came to me after the ceremony and said “I’ve never seen anything like this. I never thought it is possible.” In Poland, humanist, secular, or non-dogmatic wedding ceremonies aren’t really a thing. Most people get married in a church. […]

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Myth vs Evidence

Would you criticize a poem for being factually incorrect? See, this poet wrote that the Moon is smiling, and it’s such an idiotic thing to say. Everybody knows Moon is a lifeless rock. We have millions of photos to prove it and even managed to land on it and bring samples back. Why write such […]

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Don’t sugar coat religion
Don’t rub out its parts

Don’t dress it up in pink angel rags
Fluttering above the war
Don’t send the believers to a tooting commentary
I’m not here for consolation like a bowl of soup
I wanted to rest my head at last on
The boulder of faith

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