Sacred space is wherever you make it

Is there anything or anyone you hold as sacred? Unless you subscribe to one of the major religions, there answer is often no. Some people might hold a special reverence for their family, nation, or local football team, but to many it’s not even that. Sacredness has little space in the postmodern world that pulled apart all the reasons why some things could be special and meaningful.

But imagine there were things, places, and people around you that were sacred. Would you do anything differently then? Would you hold yourself in a certain way when entering a sacred space? Would you dedicate more attention than normally when holding a sacred object? Would you listen more attentively in the presence of a saint?

People behave in a very precious way in the presence of the sacred. They want to focus as much as they can on the object they perceive special. They hold themselves to a certain standard in how they walk, talk, and do things. Their attention doesn’t wander away.

If you think you could use some of these qualities, I have good news for you. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t hold the same reverence for things and events in your everyday life. It’s up to you to perceive any object, place, or ritual as sacred. It’s what you learn from it that matters in the end.

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