zoom in
zoom out
get a feel of the macro
and micro scale

nebulae and
amino acids
will make your head spin
if you let them

in this curious parade
of creatures
beings entities
and stuff

I settle into
the dizziness

so that I can
keep spinning with them

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Myth vs Evidence

Would you criticize a poem for being factually incorrect? See, this poet wrote that the Moon is smiling, and it’s such an idiotic thing to say. Everybody knows Moon is a lifeless rock. We have millions of photos to prove it and even managed to land on it and bring samples back. Why write such […]

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Somewhere else

You picked
A butterfly

Ran a hundred tests
Under the best

Rolled it round
A few times
In centrifuges

And now you’re telling me
You figured

What life is all about

This thing
You’re studying here

Is dead


Is entirely
Somewhere else

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Call it Magic, call it Science

Not resisting anything
Finding a hidden gem in every pile of shit
And leaving the rest alone

Patient with small baby turtles taking their small baby steps
Knowing the seed will sprout and raise all up unassisted
Just when conditions are right

Call it Magic, call it Science


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