Work from home guide for challenging days

Today was one of these days. I slept poorly a few nights in a row, woke up with a headache, then a super tough chat set the tone for the rest of the day. As much as I tried to concentrate, I couldn’t. I was emotionally bankrupt before 11am, and even the easiest things seemed to overwhelm me.

Luckily, I have a team lead who understands how my brain works, sometimes much better than I do myself. Instead of pushing me to try harder, he asked me to prepare an action plan, a personal field guide, for the next time I’m in such state.

Even this felt like too much to write today, so I decided… to draw it instead. Amazing how easy it is to trick my brain into doing something it doesn’t want to. It doesn’t recognize drawing as a chore yet, so I can use it to kick off the things I’d be otherwise too overwhelmed to start.

The guide isn’t as pretty as the cool infographics I admire online. But it’s finished at last, and it’s mine, and I’m sure it will serve me well. I’m already feeling a little bit less overwhelmed.

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