Don’t ask me Why I tried to Swallow the Ocean again No human heart Can contain Koalas war and Betelgeuse Pieces of me Cloud of debris Around what’s left of our world It was the Ocean That swallowed me Grinding all back Into stardust

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How am I supposed
To take care of
My daily chores

There’s a
Bottomless abyss

Right here in my
Living room

My dear
You always wanted
To go to space


Space is nothing but a
Black bottomless void

Not just under your feet
But everywhere

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Space traveller

The incredibly friendly host of a guesthouse in Fuji saw me sketching one day, and asked if I can draw something on the huge blackboard in the house kitchen. He complimented on my drawing so many times before I even got started, that I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to live up […]

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The Empress

Textiles are hard. I almost gave up on this portrait, but luckily after reworking the dress for the 3rd time it finally started making sense. Also, yes, I just spent most of my day fixing a painting I only made it for its own sake. Aren’t holidays amazing?

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I made a new friend today. His name is Harold, and he’s the most spoiled kid ever even without living in the Queen’s palace 🐶🐕🌞🌟👸👑💍💖🌌

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Hey everyone, I am in Kosmos!

Not in outer space this time, but it’s pretty damn close. The Kosmos magazine I cooperate with just published a guided tour of my interactive smart home. If you look closely, you can see a small photo of me on the top. Kosmos is the voice of wisdom and empowerment I wish I had in […]

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With full force

The jungle 

Pulled me in again 

With full force

Wild vines 

Fastened tightly 

On my arms and feet

I’m spinning 

With the planets 

Round the absent Sun

Can you feel

The Eternity 

Folding on itself

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I like it

Hold me tight
Wrap me in a blanket
Made of cloud and stars

Our entire planet
Seems to have
A fever

Hug me as the sky
Is juggling
Fiery bullets

I like it when
The world ends

It just exhausts me much

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