Put aside
All the very wise notions of what is
And what should be

Let’s go where the
Cotton pink clouds
In sheer excitement

Pull up the starry tablecloth
Stretched round our homely corner

There’s a vast meadow of wonder
Waiting for us to
Jump in

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Galactic New Year

Supernova fireworks
Are lighting up the sky
Roasting entire planets

Such a beautiful show
Of life and death
Even the massive black hole
Dressed up
On this occasion

Blowing up our guarded fortress
Sounds like the best way to
The Galactic New Year

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Stardust alive

My painting from 2 days ago was cool, but there was something missing. Thought that something might be movement and flow, so I breathed some fresh air into it using the Zoetropic app. Not yet precisely where I’d like it to be, but we’re getting closer.

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