We raise our hands
And hearts
In unison

Night city lights
Are blinking at
Our feet

Stars snuggled up
In cloudy blankets
On this chilly night

I feel your presence
In sudden cold
Bursts of wind

Are you cruising
The fabric of spacetime

Like the stars
I can’t see you
But I know you are here

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A pouch full of stars

My Soul Cards came in a beautiful dark blue velvet bag, and I immediately thought of turning it into a night sky. Being myself, I choose a thread with metallic and holo shimmer, but applying it was much more challenging than I thought at first. As it turns out, metallic thread is extremely stiff, and […]

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I like it

Hold me tight
Wrap me in a blanket
Made of cloud and stars

Our entire planet
Seems to have
A fever

Hug me as the sky
Is juggling
Fiery bullets

I like it when
The world ends

It just exhausts me much

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