Excuse me

Excuse me
Is there an
Adult onboard?

Cause our spaceship
Seems to be
On fire

And we haven’t
Been trained
To deal with this

I’d love to help
But this is
Above my paygrade

And I’m surely
Going to
Screw this up

What do you mean
Nobody knows
What we should do now

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Don’t look down

The trail under our feet
Is nothing but mist
And cotton candy

Held together by faith alone
Across an infinite

Sweet delusion
That will fall apart
At the first curious glance


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Heavy sack

With such burden on your shoulders
How will you spread your wings?

Where we are going they’ll give you
Much more than you can ask for

Put down your heavy sack
Full of what ifs
Just in cases
Emergency plans

And raise
Free to fly
Where the Unexpected awaits

To get hold of the treasure
You’ll have to come empty handed

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Huge little one

they pursue massive faith when despair is massive
they pursue saints who know it for sure
how far away best to run from one’s own body

and you have moved mountains
walked on water
though you told the believers
there’s still so much I don’t know yet

— little faith

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Sometimes all you can do is to sit down and watch. I was supposed to land in Costa Rica tonight, and join the jolly bus leaving for the next Apotheosis retreat in the heart of a jungle tomorrow at 12. Waiting at the gate, I learned that my flight from Warsaw was delayed by multiple […]

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