The art of doing nothing

Fold yourself in half. Don’t move. Let the gravity do the work for you.

This doesn’t sound like much. But it’s actually quite a lot.

When you hold one position like this for several minutes, a lot of tension and discomfort is going to come to surface. A thousand reasons to stop will immediately cross your mind. Your body will start shaking. You’ll feel like you absolutely can’t take any more of this.

And then you’ll take a deep breath, breathe out loud, and try to relax into discomfort. Soon you might find out that you absolutely couldn’t take it anymore a few moments before, but you’re still going strong somehow.

Sitting still and doing nothing is surprisingly challenging to someone who’s never done it before. It’s even more challenging to sit still doing nothing with your whole body twisted in a difficult pose.

That’s yin yoga.

I only discovered it some 2 weeks ago, but I’m already in love. It’s shocking how many emotions you can release in such a short time while completely sober.

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