Let’s dream big together

This was the most special day of all. I just married the most fascinating human being I know. I won’t even try to explain how beautiful it was and what it means to me. Instead, let the words of my wedding vow speak for themselves.


Artur! My love! If someone told me five years ago how our life together would look like, I wouldn’t probably believe it. I’ve never thought that working remotely, traveling all around the world, and writing for the best magazine I know are all within my reach. You taught me how to dream big, and that it’s worth to put effort into making my dreams come true, even if it means chatting with customers at 5am and scuba diving in December in freezing cold water. I dreamt of a ceremony like never before, one that would be simply ours… and see, here we are.

On this beautiful day of my dreams, I wanted to thank you that after all these years you keep surprising me. Thank you for teaching me something new every day. Thank you for being the most attentive human being I know, and for taking care of even the ducks in the park and our last year’s Christmas tree.

I will spend all my life with you, whatever may happen. I am and always will be your biggest fan, and will always love you the most in the world. I will cheer on and support all of your wildest ideas and projects. I will become a better person every day, so that it’s easier for you to become a better kind of person.

And because you taught me to dream big, I promise I will dream on, not just about the two of us. I will dream about a wonderful, loving family, about the kids that we will raise to become fascinating people. I will dream about an open house, where everyone feels nice and welcome. I will dream about sharing our knowledge, joy, and enthusiasm with the whole world, about helping everyone discover and bring about their own big dreams, about building places, events, and communities that will bring people together.

I promise you to never stop dreaming, and to never give up on making our dreams come true. I know it won’t always be easy, but with you by my side I am afraid of nothing. I can’t wait for all the things we’re going to create together.

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