Lost in Tokyo

If you’re looking for me, I’m lost in Tokyo. I’m totally mesmerized by this city and all its neon lights, cute tiny plants in cute tiny backyards, and multiple layers of highways, pathways, and trains stacked on top of one another.

I’m also surprised by how familiar it all seems. So many tiny details, from the smell in the air, to the flashy video commercials on the subway, to the look and feel of office and shopping mall buildings, to the way people bow when greeting you, remind me of the time when I lived in Korea.

Even the sound and melody of the language is very similar. I’ve never been to Tokyo before, but in a way it feels like coming back home. (Well, it also helps that we’re living just right above an absolutely fantastic Korean barbecue restaurant.)

I haven’t posted here in a while, so here’s a random mix of photos from this trip so far.

Don’t be surprised if I backdate a few of these photos, add some comments to them, and pretend I’ve posted them daily. I’ve fallen into a trap of my own making, cause breaking the chain made me not want to blog at all anymore, so now I need to hack my way out of it somehow.

Next step on our journey: Mount Fuji. Just watching it on photos fills me with so much joy and peace. I can’t wait to go there, sit somewhere nice and quiet, and just stare at the mountain for hours doing nothing.

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