Dream board

What’s the boldest dream that you can come up with? What would you like to experience? What do you want to create? In what ways would you like to grow? What physical objects would you like to see in your life? I meditated a bit on all of these questions, then created a collage of […]

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Every night
I get to


With the trees

Howl with the Moon
Slide with the rivers

Sing with the owls
Bounce with the Ocean


With the Galaxy

Every morning
I wonder
Where am I

What happened
To my wings

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Let’s dream big together

This was the most special day of all. I just married the most fascinating human being I know. I won’t even try to explain how beautiful it was and what it means to me. Instead, let the words of my wedding vow speak for themselves. *** Artur! My love! If someone told me five years […]

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Your roots
Reaching deep
Down to the core
Of how things are

Your embrace
Keeps me grounded
Through wind and

I’ll build us
A cozy nest
Among the
Topmost branches

And sing you
A lullaby
Of galaxies
Far away

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All is high

I took a sneak peek
Through unraveling fabric
Of spacetime

Found myself
On the backstage
Of a grand perennial play

Soap bubble universes
Snap in and out
Of existence

Planets dance
To the sound
Of temple bowls

All is high on
Clouds of incense smoke
And being alive

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