Empty page

Nothing to do.Nowhere to go to.No one to be. Nothing to talk about. So many parts of me fell apart in the last few months. Dreams, goals, hopes, visions, plans, ideas, ideals, identities, achievements, preferences, rules to live by, random nuggets of wisdom. None of these were probably mine to begin with. They all seem […]

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Sacred space is wherever you make it

Is there anything or anyone you hold as sacred? Unless you subscribe to one of the major religions, there answer is often no. Some people might hold a special reverence for their family, nation, or local football team, but to many it’s not even that. Sacredness has little space in the postmodern world that pulled […]

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Strawberry jelly


On Earth 

Was I thinking

When I chose to 


In words

They only obscure

An already

Cloudy matter

Now words lost their meanings 

Meanings lost meanings 

Nothing means anything 


We’re wrestling in 

Strawberry jelly 

Of interpretations

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I wish this was over

This thought occasionally crosses my mind when I’m stretched out in an uncomfortable and challenging yoga pose. It lasts for about a second, until the absurdity dawns on me. This weird, uncomfortable, and challenging stretch is the whole purpose of doing yoga. There’s no end goal in it, doing the thing itself is the end […]

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Note to self: how to live with a slouchy potato

There’s something I must confess. I have a secret alter ego. Every now and then, the creative and passionate human being that I normally am turns into a slouchy potato. This doesn’t happen very often, but enough to become a nuisance. Slouchy potato doesn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, and doesn’t […]

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Embracing fluidity

We can’t afford to have anyone limited by a job description. Like, when we started, I didn’t know how to negotiate an office lease, but it had to be done, so I read some stuff and then just plunged in. Realistically, nobody can do everything. When being a regional comptroller, you need to know the […]

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