We raise our hands
And hearts
In unison

Night city lights
Are blinking at
Our feet

Stars snuggled up
In cloudy blankets
On this chilly night

I feel your presence
In sudden cold
Bursts of wind

Are you cruising
The fabric of spacetime

Like the stars
I can’t see you
But I know you are here

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I made a new friend today. His name is Harold, and he’s the most spoiled kid ever even without living in the Queen’s palace 🐶🐕🌞🌟👸👑💍💖🌌

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‪When all else fails‬
‪You can still try‬
‪To be a cactus‬

‪Madly in love‬
‪With every tiniest‬
‪Drop of water‬

‪Every blazing‬
‪Ray of light‬
‪That burns his skin‬

‪Pray for rain‬
‪With all your heart‬
‪On verge of death‬

‪Trade pleasure‬
‪For foolish hope‬
And lasting bliss

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With full force

The jungle Pulled me in again With full force Wild vines Fastened tightly On my arms and feet I’m spinning With the planets Round the absent Sun Can you feel The Eternity Folding on itself *** Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

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The Gift

I brought you a plate of

Interstellar space

Pregnant and teeming 

With possibilities

The harder I try to
Circle it with words

The harder my gift
Appears to be seen


I’ll just stand here 

Empty handed

And wait for the reality
To crack

Where it wants

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Somewhere else

You picked
A butterfly

Ran a hundred tests
Under the best

Rolled it round
A few times
In centrifuges

And now you’re telling me
You figured

What life is all about

This thing
You’re studying here

Is dead


Is entirely
Somewhere else

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