I only had
To feebly whisper
Let’s go

And you raised me straight away
Miles above the
Common ground

I dreamt of flying
Every night
Ever since I remember

Never occurred to me
All I need to do is
Just ask


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Put aside
All the very wise notions of what is
And what should be

Let’s go where the
Cotton pink clouds
In sheer excitement

Pull up the starry tablecloth
Stretched round our homely corner

There’s a vast meadow of wonder
Waiting for us to
Jump in

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Forest dome

Rest your head
There’s nothing more
To strive for

Lay down and
Watch the cockatoos
So reckless and perfect in their
Lack of long term goals

Rib vaults above our heads are swirling
Dissolving in fractal crystals

Who would have thought
Our world will end with
Such a stunning show

A thousand stars are falling down tonight
No need to make a wish
All you ever needed
Is right here already

Welcome back home

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My face all covered in glitter
And shame
Thought I could be a princess for one day
Today I’m just a clown

The more I strive to stand out from the crowd
The bigger fool I make of myself

The more I try to prove myself worthy
The more unworthy I feel deep inside

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