I have no idea

When I was by myself
I prayed to be one with the ocean
To take a peek into the great mystery

When I was there
I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion and bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea

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Falling down

You’re sitting in your room, meditating. The floor is covered in dense fog. As the fog floats away, so does the floor. And walls. And ceiling. You’re falling through endless dark space at the speed of light, trying to hold onto anything. You realize you have wings. You are flying.

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Lost pilgrims

Gentle breeze 

Temple bell 

Mighty earthquake

We swallow a cloud 

Of incense smoke

It brings tears to our eyes

Tour guide 

Spewing out facts 

In shrieking voice

Old man calling 

His wife back home 

Girls taking selfies

We’re all 

Lost pilgrims

In search of 

What’s already there

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Down the river

I met the most 

Unexpected friend

Here on the other 

Side of the globe

Every night 

I take a stroll 

Down the river

Every night 

He’s sitting on 

The same stone

Staring back right at me

Without a blink

With so much 

Deep understanding


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Holy mountain

Teach me to
Stand strong and tall

Through typhoons cyclones
And collapse
Of common sense

Show me how to
Hug the Earth and
Set up a sturdy base there

So that I won’t topple
As I stretch out to the Heavens
Pushing way past my limits

Remind me
To always keep
My head up high

To raise above
Turbulent petty weather

To keep raising like this

Till I become
One with the Sky

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Right back there

One more time I
Came back home

Empty handed

Just a few

Autumn leaves

Acorns chestnuts

But a shadow of the
Old wise forest

All night long

I rearrange them

Just as if some

Certain order

Could bring us both

Right back there

Just by looking

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Imagine. Just imagine. Imagine you’ve been deaf all your life. Then after a few decades of living in a silent world, you receive an experimental hearing implant. The person who gave it to you insists you go to a symphonic concert together… The concert starts, and you’re immediately taken aback at the array of exotic […]

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We raise our hands
And hearts
In unison

Night city lights
Are blinking at
Our feet

Stars snuggled up
In cloudy blankets
On this chilly night

I feel your presence
In sudden cold
Bursts of wind

Are you cruising
The fabric of spacetime

Like the stars
I can’t see you
But I know you are here

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