Ain’t curious about the world
vast and beautiful towns
they ain’t gonna tell me more
than this bunch of roadside rocks

Ain’t curious about the people
who studied wisdom in depth
I’m content with just anybody
just anyone will be okay

Ain’t curious about the books either
feel free to mock me if you wish
I know quite a few things without them
I know what it means to live

I sat down under a tree
alone and feeling at peace
oh God, my luck and joy
how can I thank you for this

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Time of Completion

I look behind and see So many many empty hours I tremble with fear I tremble with fear because I know how much is gone I know how much is gone But don’t know don’t know don’t knowHow much is still left And I wouldn’t want to just simply Just simply pass by And I […]

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zoom in
zoom out
get a feel of the macro
and micro scale

nebulae and
amino acids
will make your head spin
if you let them

in this curious parade
of creatures
beings entities
and stuff

I settle into
the dizziness

so that I can
keep spinning with them

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how can I
build my house
at the verge of an abyss

the more I see
the further down
infinite black expands

I pray
for a refuge

knowing well
here is my refuge and my home

with all my courage I put
one brick
upon another

weeping they won’t
last together
for very long

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been dreaming of
the desert

until the dreams came true

there’s nothing but
the dust
fierce wind and
raging sea

I thought I’d
face the truth and
know myself

but somehow

all I did

was to bury
my head

in hot black sand

maybe this is all
that’s there to know

about me

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Take me

I’m tired
Rolling this boulder uphill
Wasn’t the best use
Of my time

I’ve had enough
From now on please

Take me
Wherever you want

Deepest ocean trenches or
The heart of a black hole

Take me
On an adventure
I can’t even imagine

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This dance

Give me all
Of your rage
Hatred bewilderment
And grief

I’m gonna
Swallow them whole
Laugh scream dance
Shout and cry

This dance
With madness
Is all life needs
To set you free

Let’s open
Up the gates
And bathe in
The blinding light

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