Siren’s song

I’m not here to take care of you
I’m not here to protect you

I’m here to lure you all the way
To the edge of a cliff

I’m gonna tempt you with my siren’s song
Of what’s beyond

Until you have no more choice
But to jump

And find it out for yourself

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Spirits and shadows
On the ceiling
Are dancing

The night song
Runs through me
Inside out

All my bones
Dissolved in
Bitter medicine

The jungle drum
Beat me up tonight
Till speechless

Shaken seasick
And bewildered
I reach for more

To seek treasures
That lie
Beyond the edge

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I have no idea

When I was by myself
I prayed to be one with the ocean
To take a peek into the great mystery

When I was there
I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion and bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea

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Monstrous babies

Bring me your demons
I’ll bathe them in light

Caress these grotesque monstrous babies
Till they run out of tears
And shriek no more

And then
We’ll let them go
Out in the wild

And sit together
In the warm glow
Reveling in the sound of silence

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It’s nice to meet your old despair
–listen granny–to say
–what happened
you’ve grown handsome
not sniffling anymore
you’re no longer like a devil born bitter
wounds have healed
the rain cleansed you
One can get to love a shrew while she’s still alive


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How am I supposed
To take care of
My daily chores

There’s a
Bottomless abyss

Right here in my
Living room

My dear
You always wanted
To go to space


Space is nothing but a
Black bottomless void

Not just under your feet
But everywhere

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Lost pilgrims

Gentle breeze 

Temple bell 

Mighty earthquake

We swallow a cloud 

Of incense smoke

It brings tears to our eyes

Tour guide 

Spewing out facts 

In shrieking voice

Old man calling 

His wife back home 

Girls taking selfies

We’re all 

Lost pilgrims

In search of 

What’s already there

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