Dream board

What’s the boldest dream that you can come up with? What would you like to experience? What do you want to create? In what ways would you like to grow? What physical objects would you like to see in your life? I meditated a bit on all of these questions, then created a collage of […]

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Monstrous babies

Bring me your demons
I’ll bathe them in light

Caress these grotesque monstrous babies
Till they run out of tears
And shriek no more

And then
We’ll let them go
Out in the wild

And sit together
In the warm glow
Reveling in the sound of silence

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This is enough

There’s a voice in my head that says I should be doing more. She knows I am capable of this. She accepts no excuses. If I could give my 200% consistently a few months ago, what’s stopping me from doing it now? But infinite exponential growth is not a thing in nature. After time of […]

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Control is overrated

I recently wrote about the vicious cycle of dieting, binge eating, and yoyo, that had its grip on me ever since I remember. I only managed to escape it when instead of trying to control what I eat, I started listening to my body and watching it react to different kinds of food. If you […]

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Wellness debt

I caught some cold virus two days ago. It’s nothing serious at all, but still quite unpleasant. My head hurts, my throat is sore, I can’t sleep, taste food, or focus at work, and have the energy levels of an old potato. Despite everything I just said, I’m not complaining at all. It’s much better […]

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For a change

The galaxy will keep spinning
Without your strenuous effort

Sunrise and sunset
Are all set up for at least
Another couple billion years

You might as well give yourself
The permission

To do something unproductive
For a change

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