The kids are running amok
Scared of every twig snap
Every flickering shadow

They’d set the jungle on fire
Just so that they would never
Fear of darkness again

Take all your kids back home
Before one cuts off the branch
We are all growing on

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Let’s dance

I’m staying with my parents right now. I don’t get to see them too often. In fact, I’m more often abroad than here. I know this because my dad collects coffee mugs and I bring him one from every country I go to. More often than not, I bring him two or three such mugs […]

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Thank you Africa!

South Africa has way exceeded my expectations–again. I’ve been here before, and yet I wasn’t prepare for all this beauty and variety of surprising delights. Wherever we went to, the views were simply breathtaking. From mountains to ocean to lagoons to unique species that don’t exist anywhere else in the world, we spent two weeks […]

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The magnificent elephant

There’s something intimidating about meeting an elephant. It’s not just about her size, even though she could easily crush you under her feet if she wanted to. It’s mostly because of their confidence. They look so calm, patient, and self-contained, that approaching these magnificent animals you can’t help but show some reverence and respect. Tonight […]

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Good morning

Good morning, yawns the willow
Stretching out tiny buds
Awoken by the pleasant
Tickling of the Sun

Jackdaw girl proudly carries
Her favourite precious stick
Watching out for the best
Real estate in town

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