Embracing fluidity

We can’t afford to have anyone limited by a job description. Like, when we started, I didn’t know how to negotiate an office lease, but it had to be done, so I read some stuff and then just plunged in. Realistically, nobody can do everything. When being a regional comptroller, you need to know the […]

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A timeless rhapsody

I hear the trees singing A timeless rhapsody . Are you ready To leave your pain behind . Out in the vast plane of The Unexamined They swing gently to this Eternal tune . There’s so much more To being human Than a roof over your head . The whole cosmic jungle swirls In an […]

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Invest in the question

When you say you deeply care about something, what does it mean actually? Do you care about what you think is the best way to solve the problem? Or do you care about the question that brought you to that belief? The difference is subtle, but of great consequences. If you care about the question, […]

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I solemnly resolve to work on Getting rid of The bug of rhetoric Smooth lube of stylization Sumptous pauses Well-polished syntax Lyrical garbage So I can kneel down in winter And bring you in my incompetent hand A lamb of snow This is my translation of Postanowienie by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski.

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If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it

There are so many things I haven’t done because of fear, doubt, and procrastination.

I thought I wasn’t ready yet. I thought that if I learn just one more thing, practice just one more repetition, read just one more book, I would know exactly what I needed to do.

I thought every new skill would be like a school subject, where I can learn the entire material and get an A+. I used to be the kid who always got straight A+ and would become very upset if I did not. I thought that the only thing between me and doing the things I wanted correctly at the first try was the right amount of study.

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