Keep rollin

Remember my goat friend from a few days ago? Well here she is, rollin on the streets in full glory. Writing a book for kids has been my dream for quite a while now. If I continue with pictures like this, I should be able to illustrate it myself as well.

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Sure it all sparks joy

It’s high time to admit it. I am not a minimalist. I called myself a minimalist for many years. Living in a college dorm room and sharing a bedroom with two friends, I don’t think I had much choice. Neither did I at the time when I moved houses about once per year. It’s not […]

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An audience of one

What if all you create was 100% feedback-proof? No words of praise, no matter how many people enjoyed what you did. No criticism, no matter how many believe that you’re wrong. No likes, no comments, no pop charts, no reviews, no follows or unfollows, no performance stats. No way to find out how other people […]

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Getting it 80% right

I’m halfway through Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Gregory McKeown. I was already a big fan of Greg’s book called Essentialism, but this interview way exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t sound like an interview at all, but rather like a chat between two friends sharing their deepest secrets. It’s raw and real and… you’d be better […]

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The Wave

I walked around the rooftop garden

In my glass and ivory tower 

Praying for rain to nourish

My well-manicured pot plants

The rain came along with a

Tsunami wave

That dragged us all screaming

Into the heart of the ocean


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How serious are you?

When I say I want to write a new article for my favorite kids’ magazine, is it the writing that I actually want? Or the warm pride and satisfaction that comes at the end of it? If it’s the former, why do I spend so much time procrastinating, scrolling Twitter, reading a twentieth random article, […]

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If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it

There are so many things I haven’t done because of fear, doubt, and procrastination.

I thought I wasn’t ready yet. I thought that if I learn just one more thing, practice just one more repetition, read just one more book, I would know exactly what I needed to do.

I thought every new skill would be like a school subject, where I can learn the entire material and get an A+. I used to be the kid who always got straight A+ and would become very upset if I did not. I thought that the only thing between me and doing the things I wanted correctly at the first try was the right amount of study.

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I’m very lucky to have many of amazing women in my life. Growing up with 4 brothers, and then studying computer science on a technical university, I thought of myself as one of the guys and that I’d never be a part of a girls’ world. I’m very glad I had a chance to prove […]

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