Mind mapping

Staring at a blank page terrifies me. I’m only comfortable writing about things I can place in a larger context, and understand how they relate to everything else. At the same time, I get to understand new concepts mostly through writing and talking with other people. I often have a vague feeling that I know […]

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Right back there

One more time I
Came back home

Empty handed

Just a few

Autumn leaves

Acorns chestnuts

But a shadow of the
Old wise forest

All night long

I rearrange them

Just as if some

Certain order

Could bring us both

Right back there

Just by looking

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A pouch full of stars

My Soul Cards came in a beautiful dark blue velvet bag, and I immediately thought of turning it into a night sky. Being myself, I choose a thread with metallic and holo shimmer, but applying it was much more challenging than I thought at first. As it turns out, metallic thread is extremely stiff, and […]

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Journaling is a superpower

If there’s one thing that helped me more than daily blogging, it’s daily journaling. Yes, you read that right. Apart from the daily blog post, on most days I also write privately on paper for 10-30 minutes. On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two, but to me it’s an […]

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I am
But a seed

What grows out of me
Wasn’t mine
To choose

Entire Universes
Flow through me
From the Source

No more belonging to me
Than a cup
Contains the river

Each time
I get to die a little bit
And surrender

Each time
I am humbled

By my own creation

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Lost in a blog rabbit hole

Every now and then I discover a new interesting blog, and then find myself for the next few days (or months…) on a deep dive to reach its very bottom. Rather than read an article or two and bookmark the rest for later like every sane human would do, I keep following cross-links and archive […]

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100 days

I can’t really believe it, but I’ve posted on this blog for 100 days in a row already, without a single miss. This includes days when I was offline deep in Costa Rican jungle. Luckily WordPress.com has an option to schedule posts in advance. When I first signed up for this project, it felt almost […]

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You are what you create

“You must go to a lot of festivals, don’t you?” I got asked today again. Now that I work from a coworking office, this happens all the time. Because of my flashy multicolored clothes everyone thinks I’m a crazy old hippie who only likes to party. Now a part of me is indeed a crazy […]

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Blue-crowned motmot

Who would have thought I’d spend three entire afternoons drawing a bird? Well here I am. I met this one on a morning walk in Costa Rica. He wasn’t scared of me at all, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with his bright colors and magnificent tail. Here’s a tribute to that wonderful […]

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